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Welcome to Garden Access, your green key to a green thumb. Our site is a one-stop resource for our growing community of gardening enthusiasts. We offer an extensive array of helpful tips and instructional guides to empower every gardener, from novice to expert, to grow a beautiful and bountiful garden and landscape.

Green Gardening
Environmental and health concerns have inspired the implementation of green gardening techniques, from preparing natural herbicides and insect repellents out of kitchen supplies to maintaining an organic compost pile to feed the garden soil. Today’s gardener is conscientiously embracing organic, sustainable garden concepts. We provide the guidance to maintain a garden that will be friendly to the environment and safe for your entire family.

Vegetables and Herbs
Growing produce in home gardens is more popular than ever as more people strive to put healthier foods on the table. Learn how to plan and prepare your garden plots to provide the maximum variety of harvested bounty throughout the entire growing season, from springtime spinach, strawberries and asparagus to fall’s squashes and Brussels sprouts. Find out how to grow herbs indoors so that fresh flavor boosters remain at your fingertips throughout the year. Learn about the various varieties of peppers or tomatoes, and find out which pumpkins make the most delectable pies or the most decorative jack-o-lanterns. We will show you valuable space-maximizing techniques, such as succession planting and raised bed gardening, to help you get the most production out of your gardening efforts.

Patios, Walls and Accents
Increase the attraction of outdoor living and the curb appeal of your home by beautifying your patio and landscape. Find out about paving options for your patio floor, or discover the advantages of building a retaining wall. We offer creative ideas to enhance your property with charming accents, such as arbors and trellises to support ivy, roses, clematis, wisteria, morning glories and other ornate climbing flora. Find garden planning ideas for the serene escape of a welcoming bench beside a babbling koi pond, and gather ideas to plant an evergreen privacy screen. We can show you ways to create an attractive garden surround to frame the pool area, and you can find inspiration for filling your outdoor living space with pots and hanging baskets of colorful blooms.

Indoor Plants
Bringing the outdoors into the home is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to construction materials, decorative themes and adorning accents. Indoor plants complete the natural look and improve the quality of the air that you breathe. Find out which plants will highlight the look of your beach cottage décor, how to provide light for plants in basement dwellings, how to repot a growing plant and how to care for succulents. Our library of information will keep the plants inside your home thriving as well as those in your outside garden.

Trees and Shrubs
We offer the information and the inspiration to help you plan your landscaping project and select the trees that will exhibit the overall look that you are dreaming of. From wispy Japanese red maples and majestic blue spruces to the white clouds of pear trees in bloom and large orbs of petals on summer hydrangeas, we will guide you through choosing the right combinations of sizes, shapes, flowers and foliage for a spectacular garden show from season to season. Find guidelines for planting trees and shrubs, pruning schedules and tips for protecting them from disease, insects and the harsh elements of winter and summer weather.

Lawn Care
A beautiful lawn is one of the keys to keeping your property’s appearance tidy. We will take you step by step through the stages of growing a new lawn from seed, fertilizing, watering and keeping the lawn green and lush. Learn various mowing techniques to create patterns and to encourage dense growth and explore the various varieties of grass. Find out how to deal with weeds and problem spots.

Other Garden
You will find a host of other gardening topics covered on our site, including flower garden designs for a variety of gardening zones and growing conditions to keep your yard filled with colorful blooms from early spring through the first frosts. Find out how to add a pot of cheer to your front steps to liven up the grey landscape of winter. Discover which cutting flowers make the best focal point bouquets for your table settings. Look up which gardening tool or product will accomplish a task at hand. Learn what plants attract birds or butterflies, and find out how to deter garden pests. Garden Access is your complete online encyclopedia for all of your gardening needs.

Our community of experts will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration that you seek to fill your landscape palette with rich, colorful beauty to enjoy and substantial crops to harvest.

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