Fertilizing Trees

Tree fertilization is an extremely important topic. If you have a tree in your yard, then at some point you will need to have that tree fertilized. Trees normally exist in a forest area where they receive nutrients through the recycling leaf litter and other plant material. When you put a tree in a landscaped area they often are deprived of these critical nutrients.

Getting your tree proper nutrition is absolutely critical. One way to get a tree proper nutrition is to recreate the natural environment of the tree. Building a mulch ring around your tree is one way to do this. For some people this may be a problem as they may have so many trees that they would have to mulch their entire yard. Mulch alone will not improve the health of your tree but it is a step in the right direction.

You should also spend some time looking at your tree to see if there are any signs of nutrient deficiencies. There are several symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in trees. A slow rate of growth of twigs and trunk can be a sign of nutritional deficiency.

Look back on weather records when you see this and see if you have received enough rain lately. Having a slowly growing trunk can be a sign of a nutritional deficiency, but it also can be a sign of not receiving enough water. If your tree has not been receiving enough water you can simply start watering your tree more often.

Another sign of a nutritional deficiency is smaller than normal leafs or off-color leafs. If you see this type of symptom you should start mulching around your tree and see if the tree reacts. Hopefully your tree will recover if you start mulching around the tree.

You may also see an increased rate of disease or insects in your tree. This could be a sign of poor nutrition or it could be a sign of something else. You should start by trying to improve the nutrition of the tree by mulching. If that does not improve the overall health of the tree you should not hesitate to call in an arborist.

An arborist will be able to see if the problem is nutritional in nature or if there is a larger problem. If there is a larger problem your arborist will be able to make recommendations to you for further action. If the problem is nutritional in nature and mulch is not helping your arborist will be able to recommend other nutritional treatments. These treatments may be able to save your tree and thus preserve your car. An arborist can be a major asset to your yard, especially if you have a diseased tree in your yard.

Fertilizing your tree can help increase its growth and thus is a great step to take to help your yard. Build up mulch around your yard regularly and if that does not get your trees to remain healthy do not hesitate to call an arborist.

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