Harvest Great Winter Greens

When people think about gardening quite often they think about a hobby that can be enjoyed in the late spring or in the early summer. Many people fail to realize that there are also many types of vegetables that can withstand the winter months. These are very hearty vegetables and they can survive the entire winter. These vegetables are wonderful, because they will continue to grow even in the coldest of months, and they can provide a family with delicious nutrition throughout the entire year.

It is good to know the right time to plant these vegetables, but it really depends on the way a person chooses to plant. Some individuals like to plant their greens from seeds, and if that is the case it will require more time to pass before the vegetables come. If a person chooses to grow the plant, then all that they need to do is wait for the vegetable to grow, or some people buy the vegetables already grown and they just take care of it, so that it continues to produce.

The first of these very hardy winter greens is kale. The great thing about kale is that it comes in many different varieties, but the majority of the varieties of kale are able to withstand the harsh winter months. Kale is a very healthy green vegetable, it provides a lot of nutrition and it taste wonderful in both salads and sandwiches. The next winter hardy green vegetable is arugula, arugula is a wonderful green vegetable, because once it is planted it continues to grow and flourish. This vegetable also is wonderful for making salads, and it can be frozen very easily and used at a later date. The next winter hearty vegetable is broccoli. Broccoli is a wonderful vegetable because it can be used in a variety of ways. Broccoli can be eaten all by itself, it can be raw, it can be cooked, or can be mixed with other meats and vegetables to make delicious meals.

All three of these vegetables are very easy to plant, and a person does not necessarily need to grow these vegetables in the ground, it is best to make an above ground garden. The garden should have about a foot and a half of soil, the plants need to be well watered, and a person will soon find that they have an abundance of wintergreen vegetables. Apart from arugula, broccoli, and kale there are other great vegetables that continuously grow throughout all of the four seasons. Garlic and onions are two of those vegetables that will do well even in the harsh winter months.

A person need not think that they can only grow a garden in the late spring or summer. The truth is that there are many different types of vegetables that can be grown and enjoyed throughout the entire year. Gardening is wonderful, it fuels the human soul and above all it gives us nutritious food that we can eat. There is no reason for a person to feel like they have to stay inside all winter, they can get out and get gardening even in the coldest months.

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