How to Build a Greenhouse

There are a range of types of greenhouses that a person can build; however, there are commonly two basic types. There is a dome type tent, as well as the traditional greenhouse structure. Both of which can be constructed from relatively simple materials. The building process of the greenhouses can vary, depending on the materials and supplies that the individual is able to obtain, as well as the specific design type they build.

A greenhouse is able to retain the sun’s heat to provide a warm, humid climate for plants to grow in. Furthermore, a greenhouse also magnifies the sun’s rays for the plants so that they are able to produce more chlorophyll, and grow larger and more lush. In the case of dome tents, they are not necessarily as humid, because of openings on both ends of the tent. These types of greenhouse tents also provide an amplification of the sun’s rays to help boost plants growth and virility.

In order for an individual to construct a dome greenhouse tent, they can obtain some PVC piping to form a square base to their tent. The PVC pipes can be connected with PVC elbows; as far as the shape of the tent base, it can be made into a rectangular shape, and can be built according to the size that the person will need to accommodate the plants that they would like to have in their greenhouse.

Next, the person can add curvature to the tent by constructing an end to each side of the base rectangle; PVC pipes, or similar materials may be bent from one angle, of one side of the rectangular base, to the opposing side of the rectangular base. This will construct macaroni-shaped foundation ends on both ends of the rectangular base.

After the base of the greenhouse tent has been constructed, along with the foundation ends, a straight ceiling PVC pipe may be connected from each side of the end foundations, along the top of the tent to create a top base for the material to be connected, so that a tent may be formed. After the base and sides of the tent have been constructed, a clear plastic-type material may be draped over the construction and secured into place. Afterwards, the plants may be put into the greenhouse.

As far as a standard greenhouse is concerned, there are many different designs that can be constructed by people. However there are some basic types of designs that people can choose to build their greenhouse by. A basic greenhouse design is in the style of a shed, with double-paned window walls, and ceilings. This allows plenty of sunshine, as well as humidity to enter the greenhouse to increase the plant’s photosynthesis productions.

A standard greenhouse might be built by a person constructing a basic shed, according to the guidelines that a shed would be built. However, in between the floor joists, people can install large wall windows, which will serve to let light in. The wall windows should be properly proportioned, and installed into the framing of the shed to ensure that they hold well. When it’s time for the roof to be installed, there might need to be some re-enforcement done to the top structure base of the shed to ensure that it can support the ceiling window panels.

After the panels have been installed into the shed walls and ceilings, they can then be sealed properly by using caulking. Afterwards, many people might also install a water line to the greenhouse for easy convenience, or for those who might want to connect their water supply to hydroponic, or auto-watering containers or systems. After the greenhouse has been finished, the individual might want to incorporate shelves, or proper structures to put the plant’s containers on so that they can grow.

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