Make A Bubble Bowl Center Piece

There are a multitude of great online tools that can help you accomplish just about anything that you have an interest in learning to do. From auto mechanics to parenting, there are videos available from experts in each field to get you where you need to be.

One particularly interesting video is Making a Bubble Bowl Centerpiece which was presented by Margaret Flis of Gathered Stems. As floral arranging is indeed a fine art, this video is a great and easy way to learn to create this eye-appealing piece of floral art in a short amount of time.

Step One: Gather Materials

Begin the project by gathering your necessary materials together. For this particular project you will need a glass bubble vase, three or four hydrangea flowers, four roses, three Gerber daisies, various foliage such as lemon leaf and variegated Pitt and material for the bottom of the vase, such as river rock.

Step Two: Prepare Flowers

Next, strip your flowers of all leaves. Cut the stems of the flowers to the height of the vase. Leave the stems a little long as you may have to snip them again when you put the arrangement together. Strip the foliage as well, making sure to strip away leaves that will be below the water level.

Step Three: Prepare Bowl

Now you are ready to prepare your bowl. Clean the bowl. Put the stones or whatever material you have chosen for your base in the bowl. This step is optional, but if the arrangement will be on a table and viewed from all sides, an eye-catching bottom material such as stones or marbles would be pleasing and make your arrangement more interesting. After covering the bottom with your stones, fill the container three-fourths full of water. You can add more water later if necessary. Add some floral preservative to the water at this time. Floral preservative is usually given with the purchase of flowers at the florist.

Step Four: Arrange Flowers

Now comes the fun part-arranging your flowers. Grasp your three hydrangeas by the stems and let the stems “tri-pod” as you put them into the vase. Push them gently down so the vase has a mound of flowers on the top. You may have to trim the stems to get a good fit. Add some greenery at this time. Get a good clean cut on the stems of your variegated Pitts and space them evenly around the hydrangeas. Next add the roses; three around the edge of the bowl and one in the center to create an interesting view from all sides. It is easier if you spin the stem of the rose to get it to go into the vase which lets you do so without harming the hydrangeas. Add your Gerber daisies between the roses, spacing equally. Lastly, tuck your lemon leaf foliage under the bottoms of the hydrangeas as well as on the top of the arrangement. The best way to arrange your flowers is by standing back and taking a look at your arrangement to see that it is balanced. There is no substitute for your own eye. Move things around if it doesn’t appear to be balanced.

Now find the perfect spot for your new floral arrangement and take pride in the fact that you were the creator of such beauty!

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