Palafox Market Makes a Difference with Local Farmers

We have the right to spend our money at the business establishments we prefer, but most people would agree that the more they can save, the better they feel about it. Although the ability to save is great, it is just as important to support the community that you live in. The current trend may be to venture into a local “high savings” department store which happens to be situated in your neighborhood. This is great, except for the fact that the lion’s share of their profits will leave the area. One way to change those odds is to shop at your local farmer’s market.

Excellent selections

If there is one thing that can be said about the Palafox market in Pensacola is that they offer a variety of opportunities for you to spend your money. Items like fresh produce, jams and pies that would normally have taken you to the local grocery store can be purchased right here. It will no longer be necessary to visit the high-flying coffee shop at the corner or in the strip mall, two blocks away, coffee beans are plentiful at the market. The number-one reason for buying your honey, kettle corn and baked goods at the Palafox Market will be the local affiliation.


When you make the decision to shop at the Palafox Market, you will have the confidence of knowing that every vendor you make a purchase from in there operates within a hundred-mile radius. In addition to that fact, you will not be contributing to big cooperation’s, instead; your purchases will be used by people who live and shop right there in the same community as you do. Besides the fact that your money will be staying local, you also get to eliminate the middle man and inadvertently lower the prices.

A source of communication

When you visit a grocery or department store, it is all about trying to save money, but there is almost no personal experience there. In several of the bigger locations, the shopper may have trouble finding someone to help them. With the Palafox Market that will never be the case. Venders are right there in front of you and are ready to answer any questions you might have about their product. There is never a risk of you buying something you are not sure about, and if you have a complaint, there will not be a customer service line to get past.


Do not let the fact that this is a farmer’s market throw you; the Palafox Market is a whole lot more than food. It is true that food items make up a large part of your options, but if you are in the mood to shop for art, they have that too. Don’t stop there, you can also buy clothes, antiques and jewelry. Shoppers will always know how to get in contact with a vendor, in fact, on any given Saturday during the year; the Palafox market is open for business and they stand ready to welcome you to their popular farmer’s market.

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