Starting the Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a mechanical-sprayer that emits water in gallons or liters under high-pressure. This enables the washer to easily remove things like chipped paint, dirt, dust, and mud from a variety of surfaces which can include buildings and houses, cars, decks and patios, grills, and concrete. The amount of water that is released by a pressure washer is generally determined by and designed into the pump itself, so the amount only varies based on the type of machine being used. They generally range anywhere between 1,300 to 2,400 psi and there are two basic types of pressure washers, ones that run on electricity and those that run on gas. There really isn’t much difference in the performance of either design, but there are some basics involved with each that owners should know, especially as they are preparing to start their pressure washer.

Before you start your pressure washer, you will notice a slight difference based on the psi that the washer you’re using has. Washers with psi below 2,400 usually have a single adjustable spray nozzle that delivers up to a 60-degree fan pattern. You ca also buy a turbo or rotating fan nozzle to help you clean surfaces more efficiently. Units that are labeled as “heavy-duty” washers usually come with at least three nozzles to choose from. Regardless of the type of washer that you’re using, you should make sure that you have inserted the correct nozzle for the job at hand and that you have the nozzle adjusted to the correct strength. You can switch between different nozzle tips by retracting the quickcoupling collar and pushing the new tip in as far as it will go. Release the collar to secure the new tip in place. You can check that it is locked and attached firmly by pulling on it to ensure that it is not loose and that it does not become detached. You should also make sure that the nozzle and spray wand are pointed away from any people in the vicinity to prevent injuries.

Once you’ve ensured that your nozzle and spray wand are in order, it’s time to start your pressure washer.

Step One:

Hook your garden hose into the pressure washer.

Step Two:

Unloosen the coupler on the pressure washing hose, then insert the coupler inside the machine. Make sure that it is attached securely.

Step Three:

Hook the spray gun into the pressure washing hose. This is done by releasing the coupler and inserting it at the end of your hose.

Step Four:

Turn on your water so that it flows to the sprayer. Squeeze the trigger on the sprayer to ensure that it has been attached properly and that the water is flowing out.

Step Five:

Turn the washer’s switch to the on position and pull the power cord, while simultaneously holding the gun’s trigger to release the water pressure as it builds. You will feel the water pressure begin to build in the tank, and the machine should begin spraying.

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