The Benefits of Flowers

It’s no surprise that when discussing the benefits of having flowers around a common initial response is that they are aesthetically appealing, but this well-known observation is one of several reasons why they are important. Aside from being pretty, flowers actually have many positive mental and emotional outcomes. According to Doctor Russ from Harris Teeter’s wellness team flowers can give you a sense of rejuvenation, and they have also been proven to lessen stress and provide a means of good exercise through indoor and outdoor gardening. In addition to your mental and emotional wellness, many common types of flowers also have medicinal properties which range from helping you sleep to curing headaches. The following is a list of popular flowers that can help your health as well as look nice in your garden.


Roses have been a symbol for love and affection for ages, but these lovely beauties can also keep away illness. Roses contain an abundant amount of vitamin C, and syrups made with these flowers have been used to treat issues like the common cold, fevers, cancer, and indigestion. Roses also possess anti-inflammatory abilities and can be used to help the symptoms of joint pain. Other uses include aiding to regulate menstrual problems, headaches, insomnia, and depression.


Chamomile, which has been around since the ancient Egyptians, has many soothing benefits. Commonly used in herbal teas chamomile lessens the symptoms of headaches and can help with sleep. This flower has also been used to calm anxiety and help with digestive issues. Chamomile is also a muscle relaxant and is used to speed up the healing process of wounds.


A symbol for purity, the lotus is one of the few flowers that is completely consumable. This flower helps to regulate issues such as insomnia, fever, and coughs and is able to reduce high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The lotus also reduces cholesterol levels and is considered to be a good antioxidant.


Aside from being used for perfumes, lavender is a wonderful sleep aid. A mixture known as lavender water can aid in treating the skin and help prevent acne. In addition, lavender can be used to relieve digestive issues and ward off moths. Other uses include healing burned or chafed skin and clearing up dandruff.


Though this bright yellow flower is small, it is packed full of helpful uses. Dandelions contain vitamins A, B, C, and D as well as minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron. These flowers have been used to treat problems with the liver in addition to skin diseases, diarrhea, and fevers. Dandelions can also dissolve kidney stones, eliminate acne, help you to lose weight, and cure anemia.


Generally used to spruce up the interior design of houses, primrose has been used to ease problems related to depression and prostate swelling. These flowers also contain special fatty acids that have been linked to improving blood circulation and regulating female hormones. Primrose also reduces the symptoms of eczema and is used to treat chronic headaches, heart disease, and obesity.


These little flowers which are often used for fun to make floral necklaces or head pieces actually have many health properties. When infused, daisies act as a laxative to help flush out your system. Daisies also have been used to treat problems like arthritis and rheumatism. Other uses include healing small cuts and bruises through the use of an ointment.

From helping you fight your cold to giving you your daily dose of vitamins, flowers of all shapes and sizes are full of medicinal uses to help you win the battle against common disorders and illnesses. In addition to these medical properties, studies have shown that having flowers in your house will improve your happiness and decrease your stress levels, and gardening has become a means of therapy as well as an effective form of exercise. For these reasons, keeping flowers around your house or in your backyard are a lot more beneficial than just adding a touch of color here and there, so next time you consider buying flowers make a purchase that is not only good for your house, but good for your health as well.

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