Watering Your New Tree

Watering your new trees are very important once planted. There are many variables to be considered since each landscape has its own unique component. Each component influences how much water needs to be applied and maintained. You need to become familiar with the the proper watering of your trees in your landscape and the soil that surrounds it. It is easy to water your tree too little as well as too much. Here are a few tips on watering your new tree to help keep it growing strong.

Watering Your Tree
Once you have planted your tree, properly place some mulch around the base of your tree. Organic mulch around the base of the tree is recommended to keep the soil moisture content and stabilize soil temperature. It is important to follow up with water right after the planting is complete. Water is key to getting the tree off to a good start and continue to keep it growing. Improper watering practices are the leading causes of plant and tree loss in landscapes. You can purchase a rain gauge which is a type of instrument which measures the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time. Using a rain gauge may not be necessary but if you are concerned with how much water a particular tree is getting, this instrument can help you a great deal. When watering, you will want to apply a good volume of water to the tree so you can see it soaking into the root zone. It is important to make sure that the initial watering helps to settle the soil and get the air pockets out. This first watering is very crucial and must be done at the time of planting. Proper watering is necessary at this time as the trees are working to establish themselves in the landscape.

Tools to Help Water Your Tree Effectively
It may help to use a water breaker when watering your trees. A water breaker is a tool that is designed to offer a soft, aerated flow for watering plants and trees. It gives a full flow watering without damaging the trees or disturbing the soil. By using one of these tools, your mulch will not be washed away during the watering process. There are other tools you can use to water your trees such as a soaker hose, sprinkler, or a water wand. Any of these can be purchased at your local garden center or hardware store. The preferred method is using a water breaker or water wand. These give an adequate amount of water right into the root zone. Sprinklers tend to water all over the leaves and then the root zone may not get enough water that is needed.

How Much Water Is Needed
For newly planted trees, you will want to water them twice a week. Once it is established, usually after the first year, then you only need to water it once a week. Newly planted trees and even established trees need about an inch of water a week. The establishment period for trees can extend through the first three growing seasons and sometimes longer. However, the amount of water can vary depending on variables such as air temperature, soil content, tree species, and sun exposure. Using one inch of water a week is the best guideline to use when watering.

The Best Time To Water
It is best to water your trees during the morning hours when temperatures are cool. There is less chance of water loss through evaporation at this time of day. Water is also there at the exact time the tree needs it. The tree needs the water the most during the afternoon when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky. Around mid day this normally occurs and this is when the water that was put there in the morning will be used best.

Be Sure To Water Before The Winter
Finally, be sure to soak the soil around your tree before the ground freezes in the fall. Watering your tree during a dry winter can also help maintain it. Just remember only to water it if the ground is not frozen.

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