What to do if You Have Pest Problems

Planting an herb garden is fun, easy, and provides fresh herbs in cooking and healing all year long. It also doesn’t take a lot of room to plant a garden. Herbs can be grown in a plot in the yard, or in pots on a porch, patio, or terrace, or even indoors. Though most herbs do not need pesticide protection, as plants grow and mature, some plants do become invaded with pests, which need removed for continued health of the plant. Pests can be removed easily with store bought or natural insecticide products.

Some gardeners use herbs to line vegetable gardens as a layer of protection against pests since many herbs contain natural resistance to pests that invade plants, roots and soil. Most herb plants, because of this natural resistance are not susceptible to invasion as other plants are, and don’t normally experience excessive damage. For those that do there are simple store bought solutions that can be added to water and gently sprayed on plants for removal of pests.

Herbs should not be treated with pesticides unless there are visible problems. One of the best ways to treat plants that are experiencing problems is to buy a concentrate from a local home gardening or farm store. With a concentrate a small amount, or a large amount can be made. All commercial pesticides come with a label description, which lists the products used to make the pesticide. Make sure to read the label for proper instructions for use and to make sure the concentrate doesn’t contain ingredients users may be allergic to.

After purchasing the concentrate measure one tablespoon and add it to a 24 ounce water spray bottle. Place the lid on the water bottle and shake until concentrate is completely mixed into the water. Once the concentrate is mixed with the water begin spraying gently on plants. Once the insecticidal soap has been sprayed on plants they will be protected from further invasion.

Keep in mind that the insecticidal soap will not keep for extended periods of time. The concentrate is meant for immediate use after mixing with water. It cannot be stored in garages, or other places for use throughout the summer. After making the soap treat plants and then safely discard the remainder.

There are many different kinds of concentrates available for treating plants. Some are chemical based, and others are made of more natural materials. Those growing organic herbs should use only those that are biodegradable, not harmful to the environment and contain no chemicals. This is particularly important if the herb garden is organic and its purpose is for cooking.

Hot pepper spray can be used as an insecticide for herb gardens, as can 1 1/2 teaspoons dawn soap to a quart of water. For added benefit add one cup generic isopropyl alcohol to the mix and spray on plants. This is completely safe and will not damage good insects in the process of treating the plants, or seep into the environment, killing other good insects. It will only rid the plant of invading insects and pests.

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