Witch Hazel As A Year Round Plant

When it comes to keeping up a good appearance in your garden, it is all about choosing the right plant for the goal you are attempting to achieve. Flowers are great for landscaping, but because they generally change appearances based on seasons, you will have down times to deal with. Some plants, like the witch hazel, will provide you with floral beauty throughout the year. This may be a good reason to choose the witch hazel; however, before you decide on this plant, here are a few things to consider.

Combining variety

If the thought of a white winter is not on the top of your list, the plant you need to cultivate is going to be the Witch Hazel. It is considered as a shrub and a member of the witch hazel family, and the best part of it all is that it blooms in the late fall and well into the winter months. The flowering process for these amazing shrubs will usually run a course of about four to six weeks. They also provide a beautiful addition to an otherwise drab landscape of red and yellow flower petals.

Many Choices

One of the reasons that the witch hazel is such a catch for any winter landscape is because the list of choices is quite extensive. Most of the flowers bloom in February to March, with the yellow and lemon combination of the sunburst making an appearance in the final weeks of January. February is a good month for the yellow and red Goldcrest. Other witch hazel shrubs like the pale yellow Pallida and the bright red Diana, are also considered to be February bloomers. The reddish-brown Ruby Glow, The orange-yellow Zuccarinianna and even the Goldcoast tend to stick around for the month of March.

The Year in Witch Hazel planting

The first thing to keep in mind when you deal with witch hazel is that it needs to be placed in an area that is well drained and the soil needs to be rich in order for it to perform. You can keep the witch hazel shrubs blooming throughout the year if you plant them at the appropriate times. You can begin in the spring with the vernal witch hazel which will transcend your landscape into a variety of shades that include orange, red and lots of yellow. Follow up in the fall with the more common variety of witch hazel shrubs. Wrap things up in winter when the Chinese witch hazel decides to show itself.

Not just a thing of beauty

If the name witch hazel sounds familiar to you, it probably is. This plant provides benefits other than the ability to bloom in colder climates. The list of health benefits is quite extensive and include the ability to treat dry skin. Don’t use antibiotic creams, apply a dab of witch hazel and help your body fight off infections. Use witch hazel for the treatment of sunburn. Give your body the soothing relief of witch hazel to reduce those external hemorrhoids. Some users have suggested that witch hazel is also great to create your very own deodorant.

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